Workshop on Puppet Exhibition Planning

The mapping of the European puppetry tradition in general is not complete and the puppets in many cases are not well preserved. As the awareness to protect puppetry heritage is not yet established, many forgotten or not yet revealed stories of important and pioneering puppeteers are still waiting for their reinterpretation. All Strings Attached: The Pioneers of European Puppetry Behind the Scenes is an Europen project with the purpose to change this awareness. It is conceived as a series of workshops, exhibitions and performances traveling from the Alps to the Mediterranean and promoting European Puppetry heritage, diversity and tradition, using an integrated approach and presenting puppetry as a total work of art.

The first project event in the row will be hosted by Municipality of Cividale and it will focus at puppet exhibition planning.
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10:00 > 13:00

Creative Europe Project Introduction
: All Strings Attached: the Pioneers of European Puppetry behind the Scenes

Best Practices: Museum of Puppetry | Ljubljana Puppet Theatre; Centro internazionale Vittorio Podrecca – Teatro delle meraviglie di Maria Signorelli 

Introducing the Collections: puppet Pioneers and their time: Milan Klemenčič, Vittorio Podrecca, Hermenegildo Lanz

Puppetry Conservation: focus on Italy and Slovenia

14:00 > 17:00 

Creating Great Exhibition Content
: focus on video

Creating a Data Base and Selection of Objects 


Title Workshop on Puppet Exhibition Planning
Date December, 14, 2015
Type Workshops
Location Cividale del Friuli