Títeres Etcétera: The Soul of People

The Soul of the People is a performance experience which is a mixture between puppet theatre, lecture and documentary. The Puppetmaster appears on stage to tell the audience about the secrets of puppetry, ancient traditions, the grand masters of puppetry, collectors, the different ways of constructing puppets, and informs the younger generation about the vocation according to different cultures. Contemporary puppets are combined with others from ancient traditions, as well as a live actress, and numerous videos, creating a grand contrast between these distinct forms of expression. Through narration, we learn that preserving the rich tradition of puppetry is both an important and difficult mission and at the same time a fascinating, insightful metaphor for human life. The Soul of the People is an act of love for the art of puppetry.

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Title Títeres Etcétera: The Soul of People
Date September, 12, 2016
Type Puppet shows
Location Ljubljana Puppet Theatre