Puppet prints

Creating workshop for children 4+ in Slovenian
Saturday 15.9.2018
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, foyer

As time passed puppet clothing changed along with fashion trends. Lace, silk, ribbons, bows, threads, trimmings, collars and cuffs conjure up today the atmosphere of the past times. We will be exploring at the Festival Museum Workshop a variety of ways the puppet clothing was made in the past. We will be looking for an inspiration for new puppet prints among the oldest samples from the museum collection. We will be also making printing stamps in order to print the fabrics for small rucksacks. The creative workshop is a part of a series of museum workshops, entitled Young Museum Experts. It is through these workshops that we encourage our youngest visitors to participate in preservation of the puppet heritage.

Title Puppet prints
Date September, 15—September, 15, 2018
Type Workshops
Location Ljubljana Puppet Theatre