From stage to the museum

120 min
Saturday, 8.6., 11:00
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Museum of Puppetry

First, we will see The Little Beasts of Rezija performance on the Grand Stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Next, we will gather in front of the Small Stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and take the funicular to Ljubljana Castle, where we will visit the Museum of Puppetry featuring the most beautiful and important Slovenian puppets.

Here, we will dive into a real puppet whodunnit: Untangle the Mystery. Last night, the Castle was hit by robbers who stole some very precious items from the Museum of Puppetry. The announcement reads: We need brave assistants to help us find the stolen items and untangle the mystery of the missing puppets! Kasperle, Speckles the Ball, Pinocchio, Pavliha, and other little puppet friends will help us find the stolen puppets.

The price is €10 per person and includes the performance ticket, funicular ticket, and guided tour of the Museum of Puppetry. Online purchase not available. Please book your tickets by sending an e-mail to pr@lgl.si.

Title From stage to the museum
Date June, 08—June, 08, 2019
Type Exhibitions Family Events Puppet shows
Location Ljubljana Castle Ljubljana Puppet Theatre