Dusted: Big-Eyes the Little Owl (1972)

Big-Eyes the Little Owl was staged in 1972. It is the first classic performance to be presented as part of the Dusted exhibitions.

 Big-Eyes the Little Owl is one of the most important classic performances of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Written by Svetlana Makarovič and directed by Matjaž Loboda, the performance was first staged in 1972, bringing a breath of fresh air to the repertoire which at that point mostly consisted of foreign works. Jaka Judnič, director, script writer, and painter, created a colourful dynamic stage design featuring clean forms with vivid colours and only the most basic scenic elements. In such a colourful combination of various events, Big-Eyes the Little Owl made her comic-book entrance and has remained one of the most adorable Slovenian marionette performances.

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You can visit the exhibition in the lobby of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre Grand stage from 24 May to 20 June, one hour before the performance or on prior request. Please send us an e-mail to muzej@lgl.si if you wish to visit the exhibition.

Title Dusted: Big-Eyes the Little Owl (1972)
Date May, 24—June, 20, 2018
Type Exhibitions Family Events
Location Ljubljana Puppet Theatre