Doctor Faustus w/ eng subtitles

The tale of a scholar who sold his soul to the devil has been inspiring European art for centuries. Today, the most famous reworking of the motif is considered to be the German legend based on Dr Johannes Faust, a historical figure from the early 16th century, whose life grew into a folk legend through German oral tradition, becoming the subject of countless retellings and interpretations. It was also picked up by Christopher Marlowe who made Faust the central character of his eponymous play. Soon the play was adapted for the puppet stage. It was especially popular in Germany during the 17th and 18th century, gradually becoming a staple in puppet theatre repertoire throughout Central Europe. Arguably, the marionette theatre was the source of inspiration for the eponymous dramatic poem by the great German poet Goethe.

Milan Klemenčič adapted the Leipzig version of the puppet play and staged it in 1938 in his own Miniature Puppets Theatre. After the show you will be able to the backstage of his miniature theatre. The original puppets and a scene from Doctor Faustus are on disply at the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Puppetry at Ljubljana Castle.

Title Doctor Faustus w/ eng subtitles
Date October, 04, 2015
Type Puppet shows
Location Castle Theatre