70 Years of Mystery

Guided tour for children (6+) and adults in Slovenian
90 min

Saturday, 15. 9., 15.00
Sunday, 16. 9., 15.00
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana and Museum of Puppetry

This year the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana celebrates its 70th anniversary. We are thus leaving behind its first 70 years of performances, fairy tales, memories and mysteries, we are now looking forward to share with you. A guided tour, entitled 70 Years of Mysteries, starts with exploring of the hidden corners of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, where we are going to visit different places in the theatre and listen to the old stories about its beginnings. We will then take a funicular to the Ljubljana Castle and the Museum of Puppetry, where some of our theatre's oldest puppets are displayed – in the past 70 years they too have lived to see and survived many interesting and surprising events: first successes, letters from their fans, tours abroad, a devastating fire, which among other things took away the Sleepy Little Star, many moves to new homes, journeys with the »blue bus« and many more. On the sound and visual journey into the past, entitled 70 Years of Mysteries, we will be able to encounter, watch, touch and listen to the 70 years of Slovenian puppet history.  

Title 70 Years of Mystery
Date September, 15—September, 16, 2018
Type Family Events
Location Ljubljana Castle Ljubljana Puppet Theatre