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VIDEO: Preserving Puppets / Making of the Copies

December, 30, 2021

A short video on how copies of the original ‘Speckles the Ball’ puppets are made. Take a look HERE or HERE.

Concept: Tjaša Juhart, Zala Kalan Camera: Gregor Gobec Editing: Gregor Gobec, Tjaša Juhart, Zala Kalan Production: Ljubljana Puppet Theatre - Museum of puppetry Ljubljana, 2021

The memorable design for ‘Speckles the Ball’ was made 70 years ago, in 1951, by the sculptor Ajša Pengov, and is still used today by the masters of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in making close copies of the puppet. While these copies appear on stage, the originals are kept in the museum depot. One of the copies is also on display at the Museum of Puppetry at Ljubljana Castle for you to take a closer look, heft it, and animate it.