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Puppet Diaries #2

May, 08, 2018

There are many puppet stories still waiting to be discovered in dusty attics and abandoned chests. We are on a quest to find them and save them from sinking into oblivion! We are bringing them to life in the form of an online diary on Medium where you can find us the under @lutkovnimuzej.In today’s Puppet Diaries we bring you the story about the first ever Sleepy Star puppet performance by Metka Macarol Hiti and her memories of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in the 1950s.

Have you ever wondered who lent their voice to Sleepy Star, the puppet performance we all know and love from our childhood? And who is behind the adorable Mojca from Lili Novy and Vida Taufer’s Mojca and the Animals? Despite the fact that Metka Macarol Hiti bid farewell to the City Puppet Theatre as long ago as 1961 and continued her professional career following the Hippocratic oath, she remembers the initial steps of the first Slovenian professional puppet theatre and her first experiences with puppets with immense fondness.

Interview (only available in Slovenian) > You must love puppets. There’s no other way. l Puppet Diaries #2.