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February, 03, 2016

There are many puppet stories still waiting to be discovered in dusty attics and abandoned chests. We are on a quest to find them and save them from sinking into oblivion! We are bringing them to life in the form of an online diary on Medium where you can find us the under @lutkovnimuzej. Our first story was dedicated to the work of Edi Majaron and Agata Freyer.

Edi Majaron is a Slovenian director, puppeteer, educator, and cellist. He lives and works in Ljubljana. Many of his performances have won awards for directing, music, and overall impression at various festival competitions. In 1991, he and Agata Freyer established the Freyer Theatre. A number of their performances, including Sleeping Beauty (1992), Tobias (1996), and The Donkey of Nazareth (1996) have enjoyed success in Slovenia and abroad.

We invited both of them to participate in the talk accompanying the exhibition entitled From Sketch to Puppet at the Bežigrad Gallery in Ljubljana, where in the period from 27 August to 30 October 2015, Agata Freyer was presenting her puppetry oeuvre, stretching from 1991 to the present. If you missed the Ljubljana exhibition, you can visit it at the Maribor Puppet Theatre until the end of May 2016.

Interview (only available in Slovenian) > Agata Freyer, Edi Majaron. l Puppet Diaries #1