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Digital exhibition Dusted: Martin Krpan (1950)

December, 05, 2018

The second digital exhibition Dusted: Martin Krpan (1950) is now available at! Visit the exhibition featuring nearly 70-year-old puppets, sketches, props, and documents at this link.

Dusted is a series of temporary exhibitions set up by the museum department of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre at various locations, usually at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. These exhibitions were inspired by a wealth of puppetry heritage items stored at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre depositories and archives which cannot be included as part of the permanent exhibition at Ljubljana Castle due to limited space. The idea behind the exhibitions is to bridge the gap, revive forgotten heritage, and introduce items that have been left out of the permanent exhibition to the public. In addition to the items owned by the Theatre, the temporary exhibitions will also feature puppet heritage items lent by private owners.

In collaboration with the Sigledal online portal, the exhibitions will be transferred into to a digital format and made available to the public after live exhibitions at this link. This way, we will make puppetry heritage more accessible for longer periods of time.